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Project Description

MailChimp Sync Module makes it easier for developers to synchronize their lists from any datasource to mailchimp.
It's developed in C# on the mailchimp .NET wrapper.



The goal of this module is to facilitate a synchronisation with a list in MailChimp, in such a way that a piece of client software does not need to know anything about the MailChimp API or its way of working. The module exposes 1 method: Update. This method receives a list of IMailChimpContacts (which need to be implemented by the client) and results in a list of GUID’s. The resulting GUID’s are the list members in MailChimp that have been put on opt-out (either through the web-based user interface or through the unsubscribe link at the bottom of a recipients’ email) in this update cycle.

How to use it:

Implement the IMailChimpContact interface

  1. ExternalId (Guid): this is to have a means to identify the record on both MailChimp and DataSource
  2. FieldValues (IDictionary<string,string>): here the key is the field name (as specified in the configuration) and the value is the value of that column in the MailChimp list.
  3. Subscribed (bool): to indicate wether a contact is subscribed to a list or not.
  4. Email (string): the email address of the contact
  5. Groups (List<string>): this can be empty or can contain a list of groups that will be translated to interest groups in MailChimp. The interest groups are used by MailChimp to facilitate segmentation in MailChimp.

Call the update method with the list of IMailChimpContacts. It returns the opt-out MailChimp list members’ guids so you can update your datasource.

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